Topology-based classification

P - polymorphic:The disordered region folds into alternative structures upon binding to the same partner.
C - clamp:The fuzzy region serves as a dynamic linker between two structured binding regions.
F - flanking:The fuzzy region flanks the structured binding site/motif and remains dynamic.
R - random:The binding motifs, which are linked by fuzzy regions interchange in the bound form of the protein.

Mechanistic classification

Conformational selection:
The fuzzy region promotes the formation of a secondary structure element that is compatible/biased for binding.

Flexibility modulation:
The fuzzy region modulates the binding entropy via transient interactions with the interface.

The fuzzy region increases the local concentration of the binding element in the proximity of the partner (e.g. serves as an anchor).

Competitive binding:
Intramolecular interactions of the fuzzy region compete with the intermolecular interactions of the binding element.